Monday, June 13, 2016


Part One:

Photography has helped me learn to show my work/art whenever possible, whether it is a good or bad photo. I really enjoyed learning about the mysterious life of Vivian Maier. I think the biggest challenge was the self portraits. I was not sure how I wanted to reflect myself into a photo effectively. Or the golden/magic hour photos because it was limited to specific time period for taking photos. My best work would probably be the still lifes because I was able to 100% control all the variables such as the color, light, and the subject. I also enjoyed the MEGA-ME because it was a believable oversized me that was photoshopped. I would redo the self portraits because it was rushed and not really well thought out as I would wanted it to be. Next time, I would maybe have all of the seven photos include a common theme/appearence. In the future, I will be mindful to take photos in good lighting and a view from an unnusual perspective to effectively express the subject.

Light can make or destroy a photo. Whether it be a person is using natural light or using a flash. A flash could ruin the ampience and mood of a dark photo. Less light could be a good thing. My favorite time to photograph would probably just be the mid-day, as light will usually just be a constant. However, the magic hour offers lighting that is incomparable. A "good" photo is different for everyone. A masterpiece to one person could be considered mediocere to another. Although, I think to make a good photo, is imbue an emotion or a thought to the photo. A photo that makes the viewer think. This could be produced whether it is using unnusual lighting or a subject, or just taking a photo of comoon everyday object in a different perspective.